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Meet Tan E-Shawn: Elevating Chiropractic Care with a Personal Touch


We’re delighted to introduce Tan E-Shawn, the newest member of TAGS Chiro & Rehab. Currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic, E-Shawn’s journey began with a foundation from the International Medical University.

E-Shawn’s fervor for sports drives his ambition in sports chiropractic, a field where he aims to blend his personal passion with professional expertise. His journey into chiropractic care was inspired by his mother’s battle with chronic pelvic pain during pregnancy. Witnessing the transformative potential of non-invasive treatment, E-Shawn was drawn to this holistic approach.

Beyond his professional pursuits, E-Shawn is a dynamic force, engaging in sports like swimming, gym workouts, and dodgeball. He cherishes moments with friends, bringing an infectious energy to every gathering.

In E-Shawn’s words, “Chiropractic care offers a fresh start. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that values innovation and holistic well-being.” With E-Shawn, we’re set to redefine chiropractic care, providing a personal touch that sets a new standard for our patients’ well-being.