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Our Google Reviews

Lim Seng BokLim Seng Bok
04:06 02 Jul 24
Earlier I experienced sharp pain in my right hips and legs and not able to walk for long distance. However my conditions improved after receiving treatments from TAGS SUBANG JAYA
sq ngsq ng
06:28 28 Jun 24
Very friendly staff , and the chiropractor that treated me was professional and did a good job
Lim Siow YokeLim Siow Yoke
03:10 15 Jun 24
Have done few sessions by Dr.Lim, experienced doctor and my posture improved a lot
JooLee TanJooLee Tan
10:44 13 Jun 24
Dr Lim provided me with a detailed assessment according to my shoulder/arm conditions. This is my second programme but for a slightly different problem from my frozen shoulder before. He's patient and listens to my grouses every time I make my chiro visit. He always checks my progress or problems before starting the treatment. I can feel the genuine care and interest he puts in helping with my physical pain and management. He doesn't rush through the treatment. He always ensures that he helps release the tight muscles for a more relax physio athereafter. He is very pleasant and respectful. He gives me confidence in my recovery when I thought I would be living with my frozen shoulder pain for the rest of my life. Dr Lim's expertise, professionalism and personality are the reasons that I come back for another programme at TAG Subang!My physio-therapist Nythia also provides me with gentle care. She's mindful and understands the difficulty of my arms movement during the treatments when I was experiencing frozen shoulder. She made my physio-therapy enjoyable and relaxing so much so I always look forward to it. She's cheerful and very easy to communicate with her. She's another reason I choose TAG Subang as she's my preferred physio-therapist.Dr Lim and Nythia works hand-in-hand to ensures that the particular area of my needs are met for the physio. I truly appreciate that professional approach towards my treatment.I must also share that both Audrey and Manju are two very helpful people at the Front Desk. They're friendly and very helpful with any information I need. They're very approachable and always ensures that I get my appointments made. They respond to my Whatsapp message promptly. I enjoy chatting with them while waiting for my appointments. I know I can count on them with any help I may need.Overall, I have a rich experience with TAG Subang because of these staffs who are caring and engaging with a genuine interest in my recovery. It would be great too if the pricing can be better but that's another topic for another day. Still...Thank You TAG Subang!!!
04:38 08 Jun 24
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. The physiotherapy session is really good for those learning the correct way to exercise. The chiropractic session works wonders with pain relief.
Shannen CheahShannen Cheah
03:21 08 Jun 24
13:14 05 Jun 24
I came to TAGS with a referral from the hospital because I was suffering from neck pain, headaches, and nausea.All the staff are very friendly.The receptionist responded politely even with my poor English.The person performing the treatment seems to be able to pinpoint my pain and stiffness. He was a very reassuring presence.I have continued to receive treatment once a week and self-training at home, and my symptoms have improved considerably.thank you!
Candy TanCandy Tan
04:35 04 Jun 24
It’s been over a year since I seek treatment (total 24 sessions) with TAGS for my lower back pain and many thanks to Dr Lim (Chiropractor) and Kenn (physiotherapist) , my lower back has showed vast improvement. Both Dr Lim and Kenn is very detailed and take great length in their diagnosis and their treatment. They also work well together, complimenting and updating one another on the next step of treatment that is most suited for me. Moving forth I intend to continue to do maintenance with them both to avoid further degeneration. The staff at TAGS are also courteous and has good follow up.
Suren SreedharanSuren Sreedharan
03:44 01 Jun 24
It's highly recommended.
Ron PickeringRon Pickering
06:40 24 May 24
I have had 3 sessions to help me recover from my spinal decompression surgery. There was improvement after each session and I am well on the way to a full recovery.All my sessions were on time. No wanting required.Ken who was treating me was very friendly and professional. Explained clearly what I should do to follow up on my treatments. Thank you for helping me with my recovery
Muhammad Luqman SaidiMuhammad Luqman Saidi
23:53 23 May 24
Went here for back pain problem. Chiro Alastor did some wonders on my back. The instant relief after my chiro session was just what I needed after 3 weeks of back pain. Then I did some physio sessions with Nitya, 6-sessions. After my treatment plan finished, i feel better about my body and my mind.My only complaint is that hard to get last-minute weekend slot. Understandable as their schedule is quite busy also, But if you arrange beforehand should be ok.
05:17 10 May 24
TAGS Subang has great staffs and fixed a lot of my injuries, Alastor is great at treating my sports injury!
rajbeer singhrajbeer singh
05:07 27 Sep 23
I have very severe back pain and stiffness in the neck after undergoing a few treatments with Dr Eunise I am feeling much better, she is an excellent therapist, I have great relief after undergoing treatment through her. Would highly recommend my friends with similar issues to see her!
Afiqa AzmanAfiqa Azman
03:19 26 Sep 23
Had my first chiropractic treatment at TAGS Subang, the hospitality is beyond! I was attended by Dr Lim, whos very attentive and helpful. The consultation was very thorough as he explained in detail regarding my condition and treatment. My body feels much more lighter after the first adjustment and i’m super motivated to get better and healthier 🙂
Johnathan YowJohnathan Yow
13:18 22 Sep 23
The staffs were really professional and friendly at the same time. As a person staying in Subang for many years, never knew there was such a good physio centre nearby. Also nice to see some older citizens getting their adjustments/ treatment - guess it must be really good in order for them to feel comfortable. 5/5
Ginn CheongGinn Cheong
04:06 21 Sep 23
I get to know this place by a referral from a hospital specialist years ago. I was very impressed with their "human & humane" skills which give me a very good comfort and healing without any operation and "knife". Furthermore, the consistent assistance in physical and mental let me see the light in the path of healing as I use to have nerves, muscles and bones issues.Special thanks to the wonderful personnel like Audrey, Manchu, Anne, Ken and those who are so helpful, friendly & professional but I have yet to know their names. Without these friendly and cheerful personnel, my rehab will be tedious, lonely, sad and scary, honestly speaking... I tried other chiropractic and rehab before - serious, expensive (with no other practical and good rehab like Tags n Spine), not convenient (especially parking) and no care and love.Dr Eunise (yes, 's' not 'c' in the name of Euni's'e - Euni'c'e), my attending doctor. She is a pretty impressive lady as :-(1) she is the 1st female doctor that attended my case;(2) she is small in size but full of strength;(3) she has a very sunny-smiling face with lots of comfy words in my journey of healing but her actions are always louder than words;(4) she is very professional and good in healing my nerves, muscles and bones with "everything-just-nice" treatments for me;(5) she is a very pretty and cheerful lady but sad that I am not a man 😛 so that I have lost my chance to approach her (hahaha... kidding).Conclusion, Tags and Spine is a very humane chiropractic & rehabilitation centre for patients who do NOT want "knives" and operation in healing the souls and bodies - like me. I am so glad and lucky to get to know this centre and the people so that I do not have to go for operation although it required my own persistence, consistence, patience and endurance in this healing journey. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all the personnel of Tags n Spine. Wonderful teamwork!
Benz JonBenz Jon
06:57 18 Sep 23
Feeling better after the second treatment and continue for 8 treatments. Price is reasonable and highly recommended for Dr. Eunice.
Eddie GnaniahEddie Gnaniah
00:59 04 Sep 23
Great place to get physiotherapy treatments. Physios are very knowledgeable yet very humble and friendly. They've helped me with my back muscular problems and now undergoing traction at Tags for an L3 slipped disc issue. Going great. Lots of positives on my end. More pain free now. Really thank them for their care and concern, making sure I'm comfortable with whatever therapy I have to go through. Have enjoyed my sessions as well as their friendship...we are friends now.

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