Chris Cheong

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Chris Cheong, or Chris, is our resident physiotherapist at TAGS Seremban, with a strong educational background and a passion for helping others, Chris is an invaluable member of our team, providing expert care to a diverse range of patients.

Academic Excellence and Achievements

Chris earned her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) from the University of Cyberjaya (UoC) in 2023. Her academic journey was marked by excellence, as she received the Dean’s Award for outstanding performance in Semesters 2 through 8. This recognition highlights her commitment to her studies and her determination to excel in the field of physiotherapy.

Specialties in Sports and Pediatric Rehabilitation

Chris’s specialties lie in sports and pediatric rehabilitation. She is passionate about these areas because she believes in the importance of tailored care for both athletes and children. Her expertise in sports rehabilitation helps athletes recover from injuries and improve their performance, while her focus on pediatric rehabilitation ensures that children receive the best possible care to support their growth and development.

Professional Experience

Before joining our team, Chris started her career as a junior physiotherapist at another physiotherapy center in 2023. This experience allowed her to hone her skills and gain valuable insights into patient care. Her time at the center provided her with a strong foundation in spine and joint physiotherapy, further enhancing her ability to offer comprehensive care to her patients.

Personal Motivation and Connection to Physiotherapy

Chris’s journey into physiotherapy was inspired by her personal experience with her mother’s health challenges. As a young girl, Chris often accompanied her mother, who suffered from a lumbar slip disc, to her physiotherapy sessions. Witnessing the positive impact of physiotherapy on her mother’s condition sparked Chris’s desire to pursue a career in this field. She was motivated by the hope of helping her mother and others like her. This personal connection to physiotherapy has imbued Chris with a deep sense of empathy and commitment to her patients’ long-term health and well-being.

Personal Interests and Lifestyle

Outside of her professional life, Chris is an avid fitness enthusiast. She enjoys spending time at the gym after work and cherishes the moments she spends exercising. Additionally, she loves to go on morning walks with her parents every weekend. These activities reflect her belief in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, which she also encourages among her patients.

Chris Cheong’s combination of academic excellence, specialized skills, and personal dedication makes her a standout physiotherapist in Seremban. At our TAGS Seremban, we are proud to have Chris on our team, where she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her patients.

Whether you are an athlete seeking to recover from an injury or a parent looking for expert pediatric rehabilitation for your child, Chris Cheong is here to provide the highest standard of care. Visit our center and experience the compassionate and expert care that Chris Cheong has to offer.

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