Post - Surgical Rehab

Rehabilitation post surgery is a delicate journey that requires training and experience. Our skilled team employ variable techniques customized to your individual situation and needs. We are committed to your recovery and strive to be your rehabilitation partner in this journey.

It is process that focuses on re-establishing joint motion, muscle strength and joint function which includes tactfully increasing workloads and stimuli on the repaired joint or specific anatomy that has been affected by surgery. During the recovery process, the tissues will also require stimulation, by activating the limb and joint after surgery. The fundamentals is doing the right exercises at the right time. It is vital to achieve the accurate balance between insufficient exercise and exercise overload. Hence, neither complete rest nor over exertion is advisable in this phase of rehabilitation. This balance gradually evolves during the recovery process.

Benefits of Post - Surgical Rehab ?

Physiotherapy after surgery should begin whilst in hospital and continue once discharged to ensure the best possible recovery.

The overall benefits are:
Effective pain management
Strengthening of muscles that have weakened or become stiff.
Effective positioning to increase comfort and reduce the risk of pressure sores.
Return to performance level pre-surgery.
Improving your posture.
Help you return to activities of daily living.
Regain your independence.
Mobilization exercises to improve circulation and range of movement.
Help clear lung secretions, improve lung volumes and prevent chest infections.
Return to pre-surgical performance level

Who Will Benefit From Post Surgical Rehab ?

If you have undergone surgery and experiencing pain, stiffness, reduced balance and coordination, muscle weakness, reduced mobility, low exercise tolerance and even reduced independence, you will benefit from a rehabilitation. Our team will carry out a comprehensive assessment and create short and long-term goals to help you maximise your recovery potential.
We are happy to come to the comfort of your home especially during the first 6 weeks when it might be difficult to come to our centers.