About Sensory Processing Disorder:
Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a neurological condition that makes it difficult for children to regulate the information they get from their five senses.

Some children are over sensitive to stimulation while others crave more stimulation.

If you have a high energy child that has a hard time focusing he may be a sensory seeker with a sensory processing disorder.


Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms:

Symptoms include:

  • Visual Processing:
    Difficulty with recognising letters, difficulty with copying shapes or letters.
  • Play Skills:
    Difficulty with imitative play, does not explore toys appropriately.
  • Developmental Delay:
    Not reaching developmental milestones of sitting, crawling and walking.
  • Gross Motor Skills (Movement, Strength, Balance Development):
    Coordinating both sides of the body. Understanding the concept.
  • Fine Motor Skills:
    Using zippers, buttons, shoelaces, holding a pencil, manipulating toys and puzzles.
  • Oral Motor/Oral Sensory:
    Excessive drool, chews food in the front the mouth rather than on the molars.
  • Learning difficulties and challenges:
    Easily distracted, difficulty following instructions and completing work, tires easily.
  • Social Interaction/Emotional Skills:
    Difficulty interacting socially and engaging with family and peers.
  • Sensory Processing:
    Constantly moving, jumping, crashing, bumping. Easily distracted by visual or auditory stimuli.


Is your child a Sensory Seeker? Find out…

Sensory Seekers:

  • Love to touch and be touched
  • Are typically hyperactive and impulsive
  • Are sometimes misdiagnosed as ADHD
  • May need to put things in their mouths to chew
  • May love loud noises and talk loudly
  • Need to move a lot. They often do not sit still
  • Need to jump on furniture and bump into things
  • Like visual patterns, moving objects, colours and shapes
  • May need to make loud, repetitive noises just for fun
  • May need to smell things constantly


How Occupational Therapy Can Help Sensory Processing Disorder:
Occupational Therapists engage kids in physical activities that are designed to regulate their sensory input, to make them feel more comfortable, secure, and able to focus. Many therapists use a sensory integration (OT-SI) approach that begins in a controlled, stimulating environment, and focuses on making SPD easier to manage in day-to-day life.


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