Where’s your pain?



One of the more common wrist conditions is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is pain and numbness in the hand due to compression of the nerves as they pass through the “tunnel” in the wrist, which is made up of ligaments.

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One of the most common causes of compression is from repetitive motion, such as using a computer mouse for hours at a time. Other causes can include systemic or metabolic conditions such as pregnancy or diabetes. Vibration and trauma resulting in swelling can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Injury to the Triangular Fibrocartilagenous Complex (TFCC) a small triangular ligament found in the wrist joint can result in wrist pain. This small ligament is often injured when lifting a heavy object awkwardly, such as a full pail of water. It is usually associated with pain and clicking sounds on the side of the baby finger, when moving the wrist. Another fairly common cause of wrist pain and deformity is that from a fracture of the wrist, often due to osteoporosis. If the bones are weak due to a decrease in bone density, the wrist can fracture, resulting in pain and deformity with a loss of normal function.