Where’s your pain?



Woman having a headache on white background

Headaches are one of the most common symptoms from which people suffer, and come in a number of varieties – migraine, tension, sinus, cervicogenic, myofascial to name but a few. Regardless of the type, they can be a debilitating and downright annoying condition.

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The majority of headache sufferers have headaches that can be labeled as tension-type headache. Whatever the underlying cause, chiropractic, rehabilitative exercises and postural correction can provide much relief.

In cervicogenic headaches, the pain is characterised by pain originating from the neck. The pain is caused by and/or aggravated by specific neck movements or postures and my radiate to the forehead, temples, eyes or ears. The current theory is that this type of headache is recognized as neck disorders that refer pain to the head. The pain can be reproduced by applying pressure over the affected area neck region. There may also be multiple neck joint restrictions.