Home Rehab

Home Therapy is therapy which is provided to patients at home, rather than requiring patients to travel for appointments. Getting therapy at home can be an alternative for patients who have limited mobility and might have trouble getting to a therapy facility for outpatient therapy. It can also be useful for patients who need intensive therapy, but would prefer not to live in an inpatient facility.

Home therapy can also be more convenient for patients, which will increase the likelihood that they will stick with a therapy program. The physiotherapist’s or occupational therapist’s visits can be of varying durations, depending on the patient's needs.

How Can Home Therapy Help ?

Those who require physiotherapy or occupational therapy may already be facing issues with mobility. Travelling to and from can be dangerous or troublesome. This can cause many to delay or skip therapy, which may lead to health complications. Thus, home therapy is a solution for those looking for a more convenient and affordable way to regain mobility, functional capabilities and independence in daily living, works and social activities.

Home Therapy Service Include ?

Assessing and treating problems with movement because of disability, trauma or illness, such as learning how to walk again after a surgery and stroke.
Assessing and treating people with functional capability problems, who need to learn, regain or maintain daily living, work skills and social activities.

Services Provided ?

Home Physiotherapy
Home Occupational Therapy

Indication For Home Therapy

Recovering from Injury or Surgery
Spinal Cord Injury
Acquire Brain Injury
Knee or Hip Arthroplasty
High Fall Risk
Degenerative Conditions
Bed Ridden