Frozen Shoulder : Know The Facts

Adhesive capsulitis (AC) also known as frozen shoulder, is a painful inflammatory condition of the shoulder joint. Adhesive capsulitis results in fibrosis of the glenohumeral joint capsule that is accompanied by gradual progressive stiffness and significant restriction of range of motion.

Some important facts about this condition:

·         The recovery process is satisfactory in most cases, however, it may take up to 2 to 3 years

·         Females are 4 times more likely to be affected than men

·         The non – dominant hand is more susceptible to be affected

·         The exact cause of frozen shoulder is still not known, however there are a few factors that heightens the risk such as Diabetes Mellitus, Stroke, Thyroid Disorder, Shoulder Trauma, cancer, Parkinson Disease and Duputyren Disease.

Phase of a Frozen Shoulder :

Treatment of frozen shoulder includes oral medication (NSAIDS), physical therapy, rehabilitation and corticosteroid injections. During the initial painful stage, treatment is more focused around pain management. Physical therapy includes exercise regime and soft tissue mobilization with the goal to regain and improve range of motion. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy ( ESWT) has positive effects on acceleration of the healing process of frozen shoulder.

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