Dr. Randeep Singh

  • About :
    Dr Randeep Singh is a senior chiropractor with TAGS Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. He graduated from the International Medical University (IMU) in 2015, and has been with the TAGS team ever since. He is experienced in treating sports injuries (futsal, golf, tennis and Jiu Jitsu), children, and senior citizens with back and knee pain.

    Currently, he serves at TAGS Melaka seeing patients during his clinical hours, and coordinates TAGS’ marketing efforts to fulfil his interest in this area. Dr Randeep also serves as a part time clinical supervisor for final year students at IMU. Apart from that he is also a certified dry needling supervisor.

    Dr Randeep is very passionate about the work he does, and cares a great deal about his patients. His easy-going and approachable nature makes communicating with him super stress-free! Having seen from an early age the benefits that Chiropractic care can have on people’s lives Dr. Randeep knew that being a Chiropractor was a perfect opportunity to pursue his goals of serving as many people as possible.