TAGS Spine & Joint Specialists is an organization that has a over 200-strong staff force, in various locations throughout Malaysia and which at the heart of its clinical staff, is a collaborative team of multi-disciplinary professionals from the chiropractic, orthopaedic and physiotherapy world.

TAGS are integrated medical centres that use effective alternative Non-Surgical integrated programmes to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as spinal disc conditions, knee and hip arthritis, sport injuries, scoliosis, poor structure, osteoporosis and more.

They not only seek to heal, but to empower their patients through education and knowledge, to help them live a life of lasting wellness.

Lower Back Exercises
Knee Exercises
Neck Exercises
Desk Ergonomics
Eating your way to a strong immune system
Massage stress relief
12 Practical Strategies for Coping with Lockdown
Strengthening immune system
Benefits of yoga
Staying Comfortable and Sane in your Home Office
Staying positive

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