Schroth Therapy for Scoliosis

The Schroth Method isĀ a nonsurgical option for scoliosis treatment. It uses exercises customized for each patient to return the curved spine to a more natural position. The goal of Schroth exercises is to de-rotate, elongate and stabilize the spine in a three-dimensional plane.

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity of the spine and trunk that may deteriorate quickly during period of rapid growth. Idiopathic scoliosis is the most common of all the forms of lateral deviation of the spine that are found in children and adolescents.

Developed by Kathrina Schroth, a German physiotherapist in the 1920’s, the Schroth Method can be part of virtually any scoliosis treatment plan, including adult and adolescent for mild to severe curves.

The goal of the Schroth Method is mainly to achieve trunk balance, so that the head, torso, and legs rest in global harmony. Targeting deep postural muscles along with breathing techniques, the Schroth method will work towards supporting and stabilising the spinal curve toward midline.

Currently, Dr. Ravindaran from TAGS Cheras is certified under the Schroth Best Practice Program.